External Sound Card Solutions


An External Sound Card for your Desk top, Laptop or Notebook computer is an essential addon for anyone who desires quality audio output and/or input.

Audio Interface Applications

  • Gaming PCs – Immersive realistic representation of gaming environments
  • Home Theater – Surround Sound, Digital connectivity to amplifiers, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, HDMI
  • Home Recording – Balanced inputs, Phantom Power, Pre-amps, High sampling rates, Low latency drivers
  • Mobile recording -Turn your Notebook or Laptop into a portable recording studio
  • Music Listeners – True representation of artists music the way they intended it to sound
  • Audiophiles – Headphone amplifiers for high quality headphones
  • DJs – create professional performances with your mobile compact solution
  • Podcasting – Quality broadcasts with minimum processing load and time delay

Sound Blaster X Fi HD External Sound Card Solutions

USB Sound card 300x104 External Sound Card Solutions

External Sound card External Sound Card Solutions

Connect your External Sound card via, USB, USB 2.0, Firewire or PCMCIA. Wether you want a simple solution or a 24 Input/Output 196Khz rack mount solution, the External Sound Card site has the solution for your needs.

Each week, on this site, we will present the Best Sound Card available to you on the market today for your application at the best price possible. We will offer insights, reviews, functionality and capabilities and much much more. You will be able to identify which Audio Interface is the one for your needs. Make http://myexternalsoundcard.com part of your network and look back often to find out all you need to know about exceptional audio for your requirements.

My External Sound card site is created with the combined knowledge of experienced Recording Musicians, Pod-casters, serious gamers, DJs and audiophile enthusiasts. It is our aim to reduce the confusion encountered when choosing an appropriate External Sound Card for a particular application. The truth and the best prices all in one place.

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Easy to use external sound card to record guitar and vocals and much more

Quickly and effortlessly convert your computer/ laptop into a powerful music production studio with the M-Audio Fast Track – the best-selling recording external sound card in its category. Featuring an easy “plug-and-play” USB connection, Fast Track is the simplest way to record guitar, vocals and more with your PC, laptop or MAC.

Plug in your instruments with ease and you’re ready to record that next track. Fast Track also offers phantom power so you can use professional-quality studio condenser microphones like the AVID VOCAL STUDIO. Fast Track is compatible with most poplar music recording applications from GarageBand to studio-standard Pro Tools M-Powered, and includes easy-to-use Pro Tools M-Powered Essential recording and effects software so you can start making music immediately.

best External Sound card Easy to use external sound card to record guitar and vocals and much more


“I think that this product is amazing. Very simple and very complete at the same time whith a very good price”

“First, let me begin by saying that this interface is absolutely worth the money. For the Sub $150 market, you cannot do better. The interface is clean and works well with GarageBand on Mac OSX.”

“I like this product as it allows me to record vocals and instruments [keyboards and guitar] easily and in high quality using either my laptop or desktop computer.”

blue buynow1 Easy to use external sound card to record guitar and vocals and much more

The best external sound card for uncomplicated recording of guitar and vocals and other instruments

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The Best External Sound Card at the right price

Stunning quality audio, amazing value, this compact External Sound Card does it all.

The Cakewalk UA-11 USB Audio Interface (Made by Roland) is robust and portable offering top quality sound via multiple connection options and a simple user-friendly design. Perfect for use with Desktop, Laptop, PC or MAC. Connect multiple audio sources to your computer, in your home studio, rehearsal room or even on the move between gigs. Plug-in and record your Guitar or Bass, Vinyl or cassette tapes to manipulate with your favorite software. You can also use the UA-11 as the interface between your computer and home entertainment system.  This unit uses fast USB connectivity and stable drivers providing stereo input and output at 24bit/96KHz audio quality. The precision electronics include high-end A/D and D/A converters for stunning recording and playback accuracy. The award winning Cakewalk Sonar LE is included – Studio Quality recording out of the box that is so easy to use.

Main Features

  • Hi-Z 1/4″ jack for electric guitar and Bass, Condenser Microphone input, USB Powered
  • RCA and digital optical S/PDIF I/O
  • Monitoring Headphone output
  • Low-latency ASIO 2.0 (PC); WDM (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac OS X) support
  • Includes Sonar LE for music recording, editing and publishing
  • Compact, robust and easy to use – Large input dial
  • High quality audio at 24-bit/96kHz

External Sound Card The Best External Sound Card at the right price

Perfect solution  for:

  • Use with a laptop in mobile or portable environments
  • Connecting multiple audio sources in your home studio, rehearsal room, or even on tour!
  • Recording electric guitar or bass
  • Recording cassette tapes or vinyl to a computer
  • Connecting your computer to your home entertainment system

Independent reviews:

This is the highest rated card ever in its class – All FIVE STARS

  • “Awesome - I cannot beleive my ears, it works flawlessly on Mac and Windows”
  • ” I have to say that i have never heard audio THIS GOOD ! Its a steal for the price.”
  • “WOW. Great build quality. Feels light and yet sturdy and well made.”
  • ” Its sturdy, good quality and if you don’t have Sonar software its a steal”
  • “Zero latency at less than $100 – Comes with Sonar,Easy to install, Easy to operate”
  • “Not only is this thing much cheaper than the competition, it comes with Cakewalk Sonar, a recording suite that integrates seamlessly with the product”

More Info Button The Best External Sound Card at the right price

If there’s anyone out there contemplating PC / Mac recording, here’s your chance to finally give it a go!  All you need is a desktop or Laptop, guitar, mic, cable and you’re set! As far as effects, virtual instruments/drums go, there’s a massive choice with the included Cakewalk Sonar software.

This External Sound Card will blow your mind!


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Best Sound Card for DJ’s and Multi Channel Recording

The Vestax VAI-40 & VAI-80 are arguably the Best Sound Card / USB Audio Interface for DJs. Superbly engineered compact metal body, designed with simplicity for easy operation, this robust audio hardware enables multi channel recording via USB with high quality sound and is PC and MAC compatible. Seamlessly integrates with DJ application software and professional DAW’s and constructed to work brilliantly on stage in live setups and suitable for recording and saving vinyl to your computer solution whilst output monitoring.

Best Sound card 130x300 Best Sound Card for DJs and Multi Channel Recording

vai40 side 71x300 Best Sound Card for DJs and Multi Channel Recording

vai40 front Best Sound Card for DJs and Multi Channel Recording







Main Features

  • Connectivity – Monaural 4in RCA / Stereo 2out (Master out L, R, Monitor/ Booth out L, R), Headphone monitor output, USB bus powered
  • Compatability – PC (Windows) & Mac
  • High Definition sound – audio codec IC designed with a built-in hardware sample rate converter, delta-sigma conversion 20bit stereo D/A converter and 18bit stereo A/D converter. Headphone amplifier.
  • Sample rates – 44.1KHz, 48kHz
  • Driver support – ASIO2.0(Windows), MME/WDM(Windows) and CoreAudio(Mac OS X)
  • Durability – Compact metal body for convenient transportation


blue buynow1 Best Sound Card for DJs and Multi Channel Recording

Independent Reviews

“Does exactly as it says, just plugged it in and it worked, sounds great on stage and handles being thrown in my kit bag”

“I cannot beleive it is so cheap, Most other interfaces are at least 5 times as much. This is exactly what I need for vinyl mixing”

“I can plug in all my audio gear and record what I want, at home or on the road, this has to be the best sound card for this price”


Best Sound Card for DJ’s and multi track recording

***LOOK 27% off the VAI-80 NOW***

Best sound card 2 Best Sound Card for DJs and Multi Channel Recording

The VAI-80 is an audio interface designed with simplicity for easy operation and enables multi channel recording via USB with high definition sound. This compact metal body audio interface is compatible with professional DAW and DJ application software, applicable to live setups on stage and is suitable for recording & saving vinyl to computers while monitoring.

Vestax VAI-80 USB Audio Interface With 2 Stereo In And Outs Best Sound Card for DJs and Multi Channel Recording

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Inexpensive Quality USB Sound Cards Solution, Mac, PC, Laptop or Notebook

If you are looking for USB Sound Cards that offer significant improvement over your on-board sound and better connectivity so you can record or broadcast vocals (podcasting), connect musical instruments or record vinyl down to your PC or Mac or simply improve your audio for music and games, read on!

Why put up with the limitations of your on-board sound and speakers? The inconvenience of scrambling around the back of your desktop computer to connect audio gear and using adaptors to get cables to fit. Not only do the USB Sound Cards by Behinger fix all and improve sound quality and deliver outstanding flexibility, they are truly amazing value!

Notebook and Laptop computers are extremely portable and convenient, however there main drawback is they often deliver a much weaker multimedia experience, sound wise, than a desk top PC or Mac. The smaller the laptop or notebook, the smaller the in-built speakers and this, coupled with the fact that the on -board sound hardware is functional but not optimised for quality audio reproduction, results in poor quality sound.

Luckily, improving the multimedia experience can be done easily and quickley by adding USB Sound Cards. You won’t believe what a bargain this quality audio addon for your computer is!

The Behringer UCA202 USB Sound Cards / Audio Interface

Firstly, like so many other USB Sound Cards out there – There are no drivers required to get this hardware working on your computer. Simply plug in and you are ready to go!

USB Sound Cards1 Inexpensive Quality USB Sound Cards Solution, Mac, PC, Laptop or Notebook
  • Ultra low latency 2 by 2 In/out with digital output
  • High-end audio quality – 48 KHz converters
  • Ultra-flexible audio interface connectivity – Instruments, Microphones, Vinyl Decks, Mixers, Tape players – Playback or Record
  • Quality stereo headphone output – Dedicated level control for monitoring both input and output
  • Total compatibility, no set-up or drivers required – PC or Mac
  • Bundled with tons of free software – Recording, editing, mixing, mastering, converting tapes and vinyl to digital and much more!
  • USB powered – external power not required
  • Includes S/PDIF optical digital output – Direct digital conversion
  • Exceptionally rugged construction, high quality components – Designed in Germany

USB Sound card Inexpensive Quality USB Sound Cards Solution, Mac, PC, Laptop or Notebook


For a fraction of the cost of other USB Sound Cards from other manufacturers, you can have state-of-the-art digital conversion, studio quality recording and editing software and hassle-free connectivity between your Mac or PC Computer and any piece of audio equipment.

Not $200, Not $100, Not $50…………

Amazing Deal save over 52% on RRP -

Just $32.61 thats is right just $32.61 (Be quick though limited stock)

blue buynow1 Inexpensive Quality USB Sound Cards Solution, Mac, PC, Laptop or Notebook

What do others say?

  • “I bought the Behernger UCA202 to go with my toshiba laptop to dj with. Before, I was using the on-board headphone jack and a cord. The sound quality is way way better through this”
  • “I have a P.A. system with an aux in put (RCA) and thats how I hook it up. It works just fine. I am also using it as an interface to record vocals and instruents onto sony vegas, that works great as well”
  • ” I had the usual nasty ground buzz when trying to record directly through on-board sound on my laptop. The Behringer UCA202 device cleared it up. I use it to record music and vocals in stereo and have
  • been very impressed with the quality of reproduction.”
  • “The headphone jack on the side with its own volume control is very handy during recording. It helps me to hear exactly what I’m recording. Stereo out is handy too and it Works great on my laptop and desktop.”
  • ” I needed a easy and cheap solution for recording vinyl down to my Mac – just plugged it in and I was up and running within 5 minutes”


Simply the best value inexpensive quality USB SOUND CARDS audio solution for your Mac, PC, Laptop or Notebook – Amazingly just $32.61…..

blue buynow1 Inexpensive Quality USB Sound Cards Solution, Mac, PC, Laptop or Notebook


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